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'Ugly Betty' actor kills mother

Michael Brea, who acted in 'Ugly Betty and Step Up 3D' has been arrested for killing his mother in an apartment in Brooklyn New York.

Jennifer Grey is the new dancing star

Jennifer Grey of the ‘Dirty Dancing’ fame has proved that her success in the movie was not a fluke. She is the new winner of the Dancing with the Stars Mirrorball trophy in its 11th season.

Thanksgiving dinner may cost a mite more

Thanksgiving traditionally means a celebration of plentiful harvest, but people this year may end up spending a little more on the thanksgiving dinner than before according to the 25th annual survey done by the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Script a story with Tim Burton on Twitter

All Twitter users have been invited to script a story with the American director/producer/artist/writer Tim Burton. The story on 'Stainboy' has begun to take shape and will conclude on Dec 6.

Givenchy files suit against BCBG

Givenchy has filed a federal lawsuit against BCBG in California district alleging that their Nightingale bag has been copied and sold by BCBG as their Rembrandt bag, which results in trade infringement. The Givenchchy bag retailed for $2,175 whereas BCBG sold their bag for $118.

Will Murdoch's iPad newspaper make money?

For a media baron like News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch, it makes sense to embrace the new iPad technology offered by Apple to churn out news for a price of about 99 cents a week.

Will Ferrell loses $18 million case

Will Ferrell, the comedian and his associates lost a $18 million arbitration case against the Wall Street Bankers JP Morgan Chase. They were also ordered to pay around $600,000 in legal fees, penalties and hearing costs.

Italy asked to pay up for Elton John concert

Italy has been asked by the European Union (EU) to pay up for an Elton John concert in Naples in 2009 after questions over the use of funds from the developmental aid granted for Campania.

Justin Bieber hires flirt coach

Justin Bieber says finding the right girl is difficult for him as he travels a lot and is a celebrity, so he's hired a romance coach to teach him how to flirt right.

Who cares about aging, say Hollywood divas

Jane Fonda 71, Susan Sarandon 64, Sigourney Weaver 61, Charlotte Rampling 64, and 60-year-old Amanda Lear say aging has had no bearing on their everyday lives in the latest issue of V magazine which is focusing on Who Cares about Aging.

Jennifer is every girl’s best friend: Akerman

Jennifer Aniston may have been blamed for breaking up her friend Courteney Cox’s marriage but actress Malin Akerman has praised her Wanderlust co-star as the kind of person that every girl wants as their best friend.

Back to basics, the Google way

Google's interactive online book simplifies concepts like TCP/IP, HTML language, browser techniques and the threat of malware while on the Net. Titled '20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web', the short HTPL5-compliant explains how the web works in a step-by-step manner.

Seoul mayor Oh Se-hoon sets sight high on city's future

On the sidelines of the G-20 Summit in Seoul, city mayor Oh Se-hoon, in an interview with IB Times speaks about his agenda for the city’s future, the recognition received by the Seoul Metropolitan Government for carrying out public participation in governance successfully and more.

Will Russia emerge as the next hot spot for MBAs?

A recent study has put Russia ahead of its Western Europe counterparts as a hot MBA recruitment destination. Retaining the momentum in hiring for the second year, it has shown a steady 22 per cent growth in MBAs recruited, according to QS TopMBA Jobs Index.

The case of last 13 laptops for wounded veterans

Soldiers' Angels, a nonprofit working for war veterans, wanted to provide laptop computers and some hi-tech gadgets for 100 wounded veterans recovering at the Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) in San Antonio on Veterans Day but was running short of 13 of them as the day approached. When Gary Baber of Air Warrior Courage (AWC) Foundation heard about it, he soon stepped in to fill the gap with a grant to purchase the last 13 gadgets.

Why Facebook can't kill e-mail?

Here are three of the several reasons why Facebook can't kill e-mail with its newly launched message service, which was floated to be the 'Gmail Killer'.