Holly Lahti, a 29-year-old mother of two from Idaho, who was in news for winning the Mega Millions jackpot, the second-largest lottery jackpot in U.S. history, is under scanner again over her estranged husband who was frequently arrested for kidnapping, drug possession among other charges.

Her husband Joshua was arrested more than a dozen times for drug possession, buying alcohol for a minor among other charges, according to the Daily Mail of London.

While taxes will take away about $39.3 million, the remaining sum of $80.6 million will have to be shared with Joshua who was charged in the past for kidnapping and domestic battery too. The couple, married in 2001 have later separated though not divorced, said KXLY, a local ABC News affiliate.

But the woman who wanted to be spared from the media is already under scanner for her role and her husband's past record. She's requested that the media respect her privacy and not attempt to contact her until she's prepared to speak to you, said Lottery Director Jeff Anderson earlier. But Radar.com, Daily Mail and ABC News have begun splashing her pictures when the couple were arrested in January 2003 over battery charges which were later dropped.

But Rathdrum, a town of 7,000 residents, where she Lahti and her mother live has come alive with news about her sweet nature while many other referred to her as a delightful young lady. We expect she'll be coming forward shortly, says Anderson.

The manager of a local convenience story who sold her the lottery and himself received $50,000 was confident that the amount would help her come out of her shy nature, says a report in ABC News. He described her as very sweet. Very down to earth. Just a really nice person, in the report.

Lahti, an employee at Inland Northwest Bank in Post Falls, will collect her amount in lump sum instead of annual payments over 25 years which many other lottery winners usually opt for.