Michael Brea, who acted in 'Ugly Betty and Step Up 3D' has been arrested for killing his mother in an apartment in Brooklyn New York.

He murdered his 55-year-old mother, with a 3-foot samurai sword. He repeatedly stabbed and hit her on the head with the sword, said newspaper reports. The police responded to neighbors’ calls and found the woman dead in the bathroom.

Neighbors claim that they could hear screaming and shouting around 1-30 a.m. in the night. They heard Micheal screaming Bible passages and saying repent, repent over and over again, reports New York Daily Times.

Officers have arrested Brea on charges of murder and possession of weapons and sent him to Kings County Hospital where he underwent a psychiatric evaluation.

Neighbors have complained of police inaction and said the officers did not enter the apartment for an hour. They claim that the woman could have been saved if they had gone in earlier. But police said they were following procedure.

The Haitian-American actor had small parts in both the now-canceled ABC sitcom 'Ugly Betty,' and 'Step Up 3D.' He also starred in a campaign for the energy drink Full Throttle.