Jennifer Aniston may have been blamed for breaking up her friend Courteney Cox’s marriage but actress Malin Akerman has praised her Wanderlust co-star as the kind of person that every girl wants as her best friend.

The Proposal and Couples Retreat actress told People that Jennifer Aniston is loving and genuine.

Akerman also revealed that she was not surprised that the former Friends star is so kind, she said that she would have been amazed if she had been anything else but this down-to-earth person.

Carrying on with her admiration a notch higher, she recommends her as every guy's dream.

Akerman is acting with Paul Rudd and Jennifer in this hippy commune comedy about a couple who is looking for an alternative lifestyle. She said, It's funny, because I kind of expected her to be amazing. I would have been more surprised if she hadn't been the great, down-to-earth girl that she is.

Wanderlust is scheduled to be released on October 7, 2011 in US cinemas.