Twilight star Bronson Pelletier was attacked by a group of drunken men during a fan convention in Birmingham, England.

The 24-year- old who plays Jared, werewolf tribe member in the movie was left with a broken nose after he was cornered in the restroom of the Hilton Metropole Hotel while attending the Eternal Twilight 4 event.

The four men who had come to attend a wedding headbutted him and hit him over the skull. A source told the Daily Telegraph: Bronson was really angry and upset... These guys were very nasty. They were so drunk they probably didn't even realise they were picking on a Hollywood actor.”

Nobody was prepared for such an event as the convention was full of screaming female fans and geeks eager to get a glimpse of their favourite Twilight actors.

The four were chased by police officers and one was restrained after the use of a taser gun. All four were eventually arrested on suspicion of assault. Two were released and two were granted bail pending further investigation, according to Daily Telegraph.