Explorers and scientists are on the hunt for the legendary Bigfoot in the forests of Oregon as they believe they may have captured a video of the creature in the area.

A team of experts has been searching for Bigfoot in Oregon forests, an area where thousands of Bigfoot sightings have been reported by witnesses. The search is being done as a part of a documentary for the Travel Channel.

The researchers hunted for the creature using thermal cameras in Bigfoot ‘hotspot’ areas and analyzed footprints for clues. During filming, the thermal camera managed to catch something, which the researchers described as very big and moving in an “apelike- if not bipedal- fashion.”

One of the team members, Mireya Mayor, a primatologist at the Florida International University, said that an undiscovered primate hiding out in dense Oregon forests "is totally within the realm of possibility," speaking to Live Science.

She had previously discovered the mouse lemur species back in 2001. According to Mayor, like the mouse lemur which is small, big primates like Bigfoot too can effectively hide themselves from humans.

"We've seen that through history with other apes," Mayor told Live Science. "When I went in search of western lowland gorillas, because of the dense vegetation that they live in, the fact that they're not habituated and in fact avoid humans at all costs, there were times where we were no more than three feet away from a 450lb silverback and didn't know that it was there for a good hour or two."

Bigfoot, an apelike creature, is considered to be real by many Americans. Over the past 50 years, more than 10,000 people have described eyewitness encounters with Bigfoot, The Sun reported.

According to Mayor, the video captured by the thermal camera is the most compelling piece of evidence that she has seen regarding the bigfoot.

Nevertheless, Bigfoot fans have found renewed hope that the existence of the large primate can be proved.

A new Bigfoot video has gone viral despite a study debunking the creature's existence. Wikipedia Commons