A Chinese restaurant owner mixed opium in the noodles sold at his shop so the customers would get addicted and keep coming back for more.

During a police drug inspection last week, one of the customers tested positive for morphine. The unidentified customer told the officers that he had never taken drugs. Further interrogation revealed that the man had eaten snail noodles at the store. Following this, the police went to the shop and executed a search warrant. During the search, the officers seized a bag of snail powder and sent it for testing. The powder tested positive for morphine.

Following this, the officers searched the shop again and found poppy seed powder. The store was shut and the owner was taken into custody Friday.

During interrogation, the unidentified owner admitted to mixing opium in the noodle in order to improve the business. He told the officers that he hoped that the customers would get addicted and “keep coming back to the store for more.” He added that the poppy powder was grown by him a few years ago in his hometown. The investigation was ongoing and the owner was yet to be charged.

The incident comes a few months after a chef and two helpers in Malaysia were arrested after several customers started hallucinating post dining at a restaurant. A police complaint was filed after several customers complained of weakness after dining at the Sultana Nasi Kandar restaurant. An inspection was carried out at the restaurant and a “translucent plastic packet containing poppy seeds was seized.” The three men were detained and all of them tested positive for opiates.