The latest promo poster for the “Resurrection” Season 2 premiere raises even more questions for fans of the undead drama. The poster relates to a big cliff-hanger from the Season 1 finale: Is Agent Bellamy a Returned? Take a look at the poster below (first posted by Entertainment Weekly):

“Resurrection” fans have been wondering about Agent Bellamy since the Season 1 finale. A new Returned family from the 1950s asked if anyone knew where their son was. They said he had a distinct crescent-shaped birthmark on his neck. At the very end of the finale, Bellamy was trying to get Jacob out of Arcadia. While on their way out, military forces stopped them. As trucks and a helicopter surrounded them, Jacob pulled on Bellamy’s shirt to reveal a crescent-shaped birthmark.

Officials were trying to kill the Returned at the end of the freshman season of “Resurrection,” but fans know that they can’t. The twist on the ABC series is that the Returned will just come back again -- like Rachel did when someone tried to shoot her. However, the Returned do leave behind bodies when they die, and get a new body when they’re brought back to life. Rachel even looked at her body in the morgue.

Could the military officials have killed Bellamy and Jacob? In the promo, viewers saw Bellamy waking up in a field. It definitely resembles the way the Returned wake up. Jacob first woke up in a field in China.

In the poster, it looks like Jacob and Bellamy are asking if they died. The synopsis told fans that Bellamy would slowly regain his memory before having a “shocking revelation.” If no witnesses can tell them, they do have another way to figure it out -- they have to find their bodies.

“Resurrection” Season 2 will premiere on Sunday, Sept. 28, at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC. Do you think Bellamy is a Returned or is it just a coincidental birthmark? Sound off in the comments section below!