“Resurrection” Season 2 will have to deal with the shocking revelations of the premiere episode. Bellamy (Omar Epps) discovered that he was one of the Returned, and Henry (Kurtwood Smith) and Fred’s (Matt Craven) mother Margaret (Michelle Fairley) Returned after being dead for 30 years. Season 2, episode 2, is titled “Echoes” and will show both of those characters dealing with their newly undead status. Plus, another familiar face might return.

Bellamy is going to have a hard time dealing with his status as Returned in episode 2, but he’ll also be adjusting to his new job. He has to follow the orders of his new boss (Donna Murphy), but he still doesn’t even know her name. Bellamy might struggle with following someone else’s authority after dealing with the situation in Arcadia on his own for so long.

Margaret is going to discover all of the changes that have happened in the 30 years that she was dead. She is going to be especially angry when she learns what happened to the family business. The old factory is an abandoned eyesore for the town.

Despite Rachael (Kathleen Munroe) being pregnant with Pastor Tom’s (Mark Hildreth) baby, his wife Janine (Lori Beth Sikes) wants to work on their marriage. Though she spent a portion of last season living with her sister, Janine will move back in with Tom. However, Rachael is living in Tom’s guest room, which is bound to make things awkward. Things will get even scarier when Maggie (Devin Kelley) realizes that Rachael’s baby is growing at twice the rate of a normal baby.

Caleb might also come back to Arcadia. He Returned in Season 1, but disappeared from his jail cell into thin air. Bellamy and Fred have to investigate when they hear that someone has been living in Caleb’s hunting shack.

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“Resurrection” Season 2 episode 2 will air Sunday, Oct. 5, at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC. Do you think Caleb is alive? Sound off in the comments section below!