A 77-year-old man in the Indian city of Mumbai has accused a woman of performing obscene acts on video calls and blackmailing him for money using the recordings.

The victim, a retired college dean whose name was not revealed, approached the Khar police to lodge a complaint against the woman who allegedly threatened to post the videos on social media and leak them to the victim's family and friends, reported Times Now News.

The unidentified victim told cops he was on Facebook to write a blog. According to him, he went on a vacation with family and friends earlier this month and it was during the trip that he received a friend request from a woman.

The man claimed that based on the information provided on the woman's profile, she ran a beauty parlor. She allegedly asked for the man's number but he refused.

The woman kept pressing the man for his number and sent him her contact details. At one point, the man shared his number. In just five minutes, the woman sent him a WhatsApp message asking him to have a video call with him, The Indian Express said in a report.

When the man returned home, he received a video call from the woman on WhatsApp. The woman was partially nude at that time and the man disconnected the call instantly. Afterward, the woman allegedly asked him to send a certain amount for her mobile bill.

The woman once again initiated a video call with the man a few days later. She appeared partially nude during the call, according to the man, and she kept calling despite him not responding, reported Times Now News.

The man received another message from the man the following day. It said she recorded him while watching her sexually suggestive acts and threatened to send the clips to his wife, children and everyone on Facebook. The man then filed a complaint with the police.

A case has been registered against the woman under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

In March, a man was arrested in India for allegedly raping a teen girl multiple times, filming the act and sharing the video of the abuse on social media. The man reportedly threatened the girl of dire consequences if she filed a police complaint.

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