The Returned
What happened to the Seguret family? Fans still have many questions after "The Returned" Season 2 finale. SundanceTV

What. Just. Happened? Season 2 of SundanceTV’s “The Returned,” also known in French as “Les Revenants,” wrapped up on Saturday night. The eight new episodes managed to answer many questions that fans had from when the series premiered in 2012 – but also left viewers with a lot more.

For those who missed the final episode of the second season, it was revealed that Victor (Swann Nambotin) had returned to his adopted father following the home invasion that killed his adopted mother and brother. His father kept his secret for 35 years before he had a heart attack – and that was the day that the others returned.

Lucy (Ana Girardot) told Victor it was up to him to help the others, but in the end Victor chose to save Julie (Céline Sallette). He managed to change the future and reimagine a happy life for him and the woman who took him in. But there was a twist. It was also revealed in the finale that Adèle (Clotilde Hesme) and Simon’s (Pierre Perrier) infant son was just like Victor. And while it’s not exactly clear what Victor is, the episode ended with Victor looking shaken as he hears the sound of a baby cry. The camera cuts away to show Lucy dropping the baby on the doorstep of what appears to be the house she previously stayed in with the other returned.

Now that Season 2 of “Les Revenants” is over, these are the questions we’re left with:

1. What happened to Adèle and Simon?

Adèle somehow got changed into a white dress while in the cave, and her final scene with Simon looked as if they finally got married. Was the scene to symbolize that they finally found peace? But how did she get changed? Did she die and become one of the returned?

2.How much time passed?

The last few moments of the finale showed Victor on the beach with Julie – but how much time passed between then and when Julie fell into the sinkhole?

3. What about the baby?

We know that Lucy dropped the baby off outside a home, but was it because she grew tired caring for the infant? And is it important to know who is now caring for the baby? The episode only identified the man as Olivier, and didn’t give a name for his wife.

4. What happened to the Segurets?

Claire (Anne Consigny) and Jérôme (Frédéric Pierrot) seemed to finally be OK after saying goodbye to Camille, but fans don’t know if things stayed that way. And whatever happened to Chloé (Brune Martin)? Did they just take her in?

5. Who was the deformed man in the cave?

A man with melted looking skin took Adèle’s hand in the cave – but then we never saw him again! One Reddit user thinks that the deformed looking man was Thomas, whose body decomposed after being in the lake. The theory is that he was leading Adèle to Simon as a way to show his acceptance.

6. Does everyone still have their memory?

The returned disappeared and the sinkhole filled with water. Does that mean that nothing ever happened? It would be interesting to see if Victor’s decision to change Julie’s future resulted in him erasing all of this from everyone’s memory.

7. Will Victor start aging?

Now that he’s living with Julie, is Victor going to start aging like a regular child? We know that he didn’t when he was staying with his adopted father, but now he’s living a life out in the public and not really keeping his existence a secret.

8. Will the baby start aging?

And on that note – if the baby is like Victor, does that mean he will not age? I kind of feel bad for the people that Lucy abandoned Nathan with if they have to change diapers every day for the rest of their lives.

9. Who/what is Lucy?

What exactly is Lucy? And what is her job? She was essentially in charge of leading all the returned, but then passed the job off onto Victor. She didn’t disappear like the others, which means that she must somehow be like Victor.

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