Nikki Deloach and Mike Faiola starred in “Awkward” together as a married couple from 2011 to 2016, and now they’re reuniting for a new Hallmark holiday movie. Appropriately, the flick, which premieres tonight on Hallmark Channel, is called “Reunited at Christmas.”

Part of the network’s 2018 Countdown to Christmas event, the film is all about families putting aside any differences and coming together for the holidays. While it’s all about Christmas, it’s a perfect family viewing option for the night before Thanksgiving, too.

“Samantha Murphy’s (DeLoach) beloved grandmother plots from beyond the grave to bring the family together for one more hometown Christmas, during which everyone is reminded of the importance of family, love, and second chances,” the synopsis shares. “When Samantha’s boyfriend, Simon (Faiola), proposes marriage and she accepts in front of her entire family, Simon is forced to play out an uncomfortable charade after Samantha admits she spoke too soon.”

Deloach, who has been in quite a few Hallmark movies, including September’s “Truly, Madly, Sweetly,” told International Business Times that this movie has a lot of firsts for Hallmark in the form of more dramatic elements. It also has a very strong secondary storyline, which she considers an uncommon attribute for the network.

hallmark reunited christmas synopsis
“Awkward” alums Nikki DeLoach and Mike Faiola reunite in Hallmark’s “Reunited at Christmas.” Crown Media / Ryan Plummer

Because “Reunited at Christmas” is such a “true, ensemble family drama,” she said it was very important to have a co-star that could play the role of Simon correctly. That person was Faiola.

“I talked to the network about, essentially, a handful of guys that I really thought would be great choices for the character,” Deloach told IBT. “There’s a lot of great actors out there, but this character is very specific, and this story is very specific…Each character really was important in terms of casting, and I thought Mike would be great for it.”

Not only was it great having Faiola for the onscreen movie role, but it was great for Deloach to get to have him as part of the movie-making experience, too.

“It’s been really nice getting to work together again,” she said. “I mean, for six years, we worked together every day. So, that’s been super fun.”

See the two actors come together once again when “Reunited at Christmas” premieres on Hallmark Channel on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST.