Death is not an uncommon theme on the hit ABC series “Revenge.” In fact, it’s played a pivotal role in the plot of every season, beginning with the alleged death of David (James Tupper) and most recently with the shocking demise of a main character in the Season 4 winter finale.

In the midseason finale, it was Daniel (Joshua Bowman) who met his brutal demise after the redemption-seeking character jumped in front of a bullet to save his ex-wife Emily (Emily VanCamp).

“Seriously, though, it was a very fitting end to save Emily from a bullet after I shot her. … It came full circle,” Bowman told TVLine following the shocking episode. The actor then elaborated, explaining that as sad as Daniel’s death was, it was a necessary storyline that needed to play out.

“We’re on our fourth season, and this is a show where that can happen at anytime. I think it was a good decision for the story, and I think it’ll definitely serve its purpose to help the writers move forward,” he revealed. “A death on this show can impact all the other characters; Daniel’s will definitely have a big impact on Victoria (Madeline Stowe), Emily — and Margaux (Karine Vanasse), of course, because of our little baby on the way.”

But according to reports, Daniel wasn’t the only character the writers of “Revenge” were toying with killing off. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “Revenge” showrunner Sunil Nayar teased the possibility of the series concluding with a major character six feet under.

“Whether she lives or die, honestly we don’t know yet,” Nayar told EW of Emily. “That is such a moving thesis for the show, because there is such loss that comes with this journey. What’s interesting to me about how she would finish this journey is what sense of victory does she take and who does she get to walk away with, if she walks away at all?”

So, will Emily walk away from the series scot-free even after all the chaos she’s caused over the “death” of her father? Nayar explained that regardless how the story ends, “there has to be something bittersweet to it, because of all the losses that have come along the way and because of everything that’s happened.”

The debate over whether or not Emily should be killed off reminds us of a very familiar discussion – one that included the death of a leather-donning, revenge-seeking protagonist from the FX series “Sons of Anarchy.” Paris Barclay, the executive producer of the motorcycle drama, revealed to E! Online that the death of Jax (Charlie Hunnam) was inevitable considering the series was a tragedy.

“I knew that he wasn't going to end up at a carnival buying snow cones for his sons and that was the last shot. I always knew this was going to end badly,” Barclay revealed. “A lot of people are pissed that it's over and the way they're channeling it is, ‘I'm so pissed that [creator Kurt] Sutter did exactly what we thought he would do and kill Jax!’ Well, spoiler alert, Hamlet dies in the end too, I hate to tell you. In tragedies, generally the hero dies.”

Considering Emily and Jax both sought revenge over false pretenses, would it be safe to say Emily is following in the footsteps of the “SoA” anti-hero? Do you think Emily should be killed off on “Revenge”? Sound off in the comments section below with your opinion on the fate of her character.