The richest divorcee in history who netted 1 billion dollars after she split from her husband has declared bankruptcy.

Patricia Kluge, 62, once starred in a nude film, and is the ex-wife of media mogul John Kluge.

The sad downfall of British socialite Patricia comes 21 years after her 1990 divorce, as she splurged on extravagant parties for the royals and celebrities at her 45-bedroom home in Virginia and started a wine business (which is failing) with her third husband.

Kluge acquired the 23,500 square-foot Albermarle House and its 3,000 acres from her late ex-husband who died in September.

The former billionaire and her current husband William Moses have an estimated $50 million in liabilities, according to bankruptcy filings, and the couple have desperately been trying to sell off their possessions to raise money. This includes her jewelry, artwork, furnishings, antiques, etc.