• Rick and Morty will come face-to-face with the former's oceanic nemesis in the "Rick and Morty" Season 5 premiere
  • Mr. Nimbus warns Rick he will have to face his wrath after they "desecrated the sacred treaty betwixt land and sea"
  • "Rick and Morty" Season 5 premieres Sunday on Adult Swim

Rick and his grandson Morty will face a new enemy in the "Rick and Morty" Season 5 premiere.

In a preview shared by Adult Swim of the show's highly anticipated fifth season premiere, Rick and Morty (both voiced by series co-creator Justin Roiland) are in an intense situation, with the former being badly injured.

The video showed Morty carrying his grandfather to their spaceship and leading them both out of the dangerous situation they were in, but the ship then caught on fire and plummeted toward the Earth. Fearing that it's the end for them, Morty called his love interest, Jessica, to say goodbye.

"Hey, Jessica. It's Morty from school," he told Jessica, who is busy applying nail polish on her toes when she answers his call.

"Um. I just wanna say that you're really great. I know the timing never really worked out with us. But you are really great. And I wish I got to know you better," he continued as their spaceship is about to crash.

After Jessica tells Morty that he should have told her sooner and asked her out on a movie date, he agreed to meet her that night and renewed his efforts to save them from their ship’s failing engine. He managed to land the spaceship in the ocean.

"We're home Rick. I landed us in the ocean," Morty told Rick after the latter woke up.

However, Rick was alarmed after realizing that they were in the ocean. He urged Morty to get them away from the water as soon as possible, but before they could leave, a giant clam appeared on the surface, and Rick's oceanic nemesis emerged.

"Richard, you have desecrated the sacred treaty betwixt land and sea. Now, face the wrath of your once and eternal foe," said the sea-dwelling creature, who introduces himself as "Mr. Nimbus."

When Morty asked Rick who this person was, the latter confirmed that he is his "nemesis," before telling his grandson that Nr. Nimbus says his name "a lot."

"Rick and Morty" returns with its fifth season 13 months after the previous season concluded. It is the first time that the series is releasing a new installment less than two years since its last — which was the case for the previous four seasons.

Fans had expected Season 5 to premiere earlier than the previous seasons as series co-creator Dan Harmon said in July 2020 they were "basically done writing." At the time, they were in the process of finalizing the last episode, and most of the writers had already moved on to working on Season 6.

"Rick and Morty" Season 5 premieres Sunday at 11 p.m. EDT on Adult Swim.

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