Ridiculous 6
"The Ridiculous 6" was filled with a few funny moments, but some that could also be considered offensive. Pictured: (from left to right) Rob Schneider as Ramon, Jorge Garcia as Herm, Taylor Lautner as Lil' Pete, Sandler as Tommy, Terry Crews as Chico, and Luke Wilson as Danny. Netflix

Adam Sandler's new movie "The Ridiculous 6" has been surrounded by controversy since actors and a cultural advisor walked off the set in April when the movie was filming. The movie premiered on Netflix Friday and there were many moments that made it pretty clear why Native Americans are not happy with the film. However, the treatment of Native Americans wasn't the only part of the movie that can be viewed as offensive.

Check out some of the most controversial moments from "The Ridiculous 6":

Clem's Signs

The movie doesn't waste anytime getting right to the Native American insults. Tommy (Adam Sandler) arrives at a store to buy flour and comes across Clem (Steve Zahn) who has posted "No Injuns Allowed" and "Redskins Keep Out" signs outside the shop.

Native American Names

While news of what some offensive Native American names being used in the film broke months ago, it appears the negative publicity had no affect on the final script. A few of the female Native American names remained offensive, like "Never Wears Bra," and "Beaver Breath." There was also a part in the beginning where a gang refers to a Native American woman as like "Pocahant---."

Mexican Comments

Native Americans weren't the only people taken shots at. The first place that Tommy, Ramon (Rob Schneider) and Lil' Pete (Taylor Lautner) rob is a bank with a nasty manager played by Chris Parnell. The bank manager makes a "greasy Mexican" comment when talking to a customer. Another character later in the movie also refers to another character as a "sneaky little Mexican."

Tommy's Mythical Native American Powers

The Native American names weren't the only thing that causes the actors to walk off set in April. Throughout the movie, Tommy uses a special set of skills he got while being raised by Native Americans. The skills are very over the top as he's able to move "like the wind" in a tumble weed, make people hear things, and translate language, which could offend Native American culture.

Lil' Pete's Horse Scene

One of the most bizarre parts of the movie was when Tommy, Ramon, and Lil' Pete were trying to distract two outlaws they planned on stealing from. When the two outlaws came up to Ramon and Lil' Pete, they saw what appears to be Lil' Pete doing some inappropriate things with a horse, but it was supposed to just look that way. When Sandler knocks out the outlaws and takes the money, he discovers that Lil' Pete wasn't just acting.

"The Ridiculous 6" is now available to stream on Netflix.