It has been more than a week, and the hype over the Ridiculously Photogenic guy Zeddie Little is still on. Little certainly had no clue on the morning of the 10K race that a single photo of his that morning was about to change his life.

Described as a rather quiet and very conscientious and never wanted any attention person by his father Jack, everyone is still eager to know who he is and his reaction to the recently gained worldwide fame. And yes, if you wanted to hear him, or watch him live, that wish might just be coming true.

Apparently, Mr. Ridiculously Photogenic is all set to appear in ABC's breakfast show, Good Morning America. A tweet by the official Twitter account of the TV show posted on Tuesday night reads:

Tomorrow: The World's Most Photogenic Man joins us live only on @GMA--How has his life changed since becoming a viral celebrity? We'll ask.

Also, ABC News' Official Twitter site announced the same: Tomorrow see Ridiculously Photogenic Guy live, only on @GMA! We'll learn how life changed after his very viral pic:

Although no other websites or news outlets have covered the same, twitter users are already excited to see the handsome young man live on TV.

Some tweets by excited fans of the 25-year-old New Yorker read:

Ridiculously photogenic guy tomorrow on GMA? Is this real life?

oh my word!! RT: @ABC: see Ridiculously Photogenic Guy only on @GMA! learn how life changed after his very viral pic

While some people might kill for the fame and popularity that Zeddie Little got out of nowhere, there are others who believe that being pushed into the lime light, when someone is not even ready for it, is rather scary.

This is so creepy. 'Ridiculously Photogenic Guy' Becomes Web Sensation via @ABC, writes a twitter user.

I think it's pretty silly (and frightening) that someone can be out minding their own business, get their photo snapped randomly in a crowd, then find worldwide fame hoisted upon them whether they want it or not, commented an IBTimes reader in one of the related stories.

Multiple fan pages have emerged with a huge number of fan following, ever since Little became famous for his unconventional good looks. There is also a 'very active' Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr account responding to fans, claiming to be Zeddie Little's personal, but the authenticity of the accounts still remains doubtful.

Little shot to fame when Will King, an amateur photographer, took his picture along with many others in a race event in South Carolina and uploaded it on The picture took off from there and there has been no stopping to the image going viral.

People certainly want to know many a thing about Little, the social media accounts that run on his name, a person named Grayson Little who claims to be his brother, and also about his life after the viral image that took over the Internet. So yes, we sure are looking forward to the interview.