Rihanna still hasn't set a release date for her new album "Anti," but the singer knows that her fans are starting to get anxious. To thank Rihanna Navy for their patience, the singer decided to send a few of her fans on scavenger hunts and give them some really cool prizes, including free concert tickets. 

Over the past several weeks, Rihanna fans in Boston, Dallas and Chicago have been flooding social media claiming they received a message via her Samsung mobile site ANTIdiaRy.com to go to an undisclosed location. (The scavenger hunt was held in New York City earlier this week). Once they arrived, the fans received Samsung phones and were prompted via anonymous text messages to go on a little scavenger hunt through rooms similar to the ones Rihanna unlocked for fans on her mobile site. 

At the end of the hunt, fans received a key attached with a note that said they would soon find out what it unlocked. According to Complex, the key gives fans free tickets to Rihanna's "Anti World Tour" concert with rumored boyfriend Travis Scott. 

Reportedly, the "B----- Better Have My Money" singer plans on giving out other prizes throughout the rest of December. The sweepstakes will supposedly end Dec. 31. 

Rihanna has been heavily promoting "Anti," but has kept mum on details surrounding the album. Earlier this week, Sia gave an update telling BBC Radio 2 that Rihanna was still looking for songs to include on the album. 

“The other night she came over and listened to half of 25 songs I played her because she’s still looking for songs for her new album,” she told BBC Radio 2. “She was there clearly to listen to songs and see if there was anything that she was into. It was a business, like, meeting, for sure. She took four [songs].”

As previously reported, Rihanna's father Ronald Fenty said that his daughter was "unhappy" with the album and was still working on it. 

“She’s not comfortable with it," he explained. "It’s been three years now since her last album and she wants this to blow everything else away.”