Who is Rihanna really dating? Reuters

Rihanna cannot keep her love life out of the public's mind. After Twitter posts and pictures suggested that the singer might be reuniting with her ex-boyfriend and abuser, Chris Brown, it seems that the Barbados beauty has thrown everyone a curve ball. Rihanna and Two and A Half Men star Ashton Kutcher have reportedly been seeing each other for two months.

The Daily Motion reported that the pair had a late night get together, with a source stating that Rihanna has told friends he's funny and cute. Both of them love a good time and think they're too busy for anything serious just yet.

While news outlets are covering this rumored blooming relationship, Ashton's ex-wife, Demi Moore is reportedly sick to her stomach. A source told the Daily Mail that Ashton's new romance has sent Demi spiraling.

With Rihanna & Ashton Kutcher trending on Twitter, what do Twitter followers think of the new Rihanna romance? Check out some of the funniest tweets.

It's awkward Rihanna & Ashton Kutcher are dating. And Demi Moore is still using @mrskutcher as her twitter username. --@BlackBeliebery

Rihanna & Ashton Kutcher are dating? Is this just another episode of PUNK'D? --@xiBeliebinGomez.

Rihanna & Ashton Kutcher are dating? Can't wait for the #celeb #sextape --@vickyvette

Rihanna & Ashton Kutcher are dating. Apparently she got tired of all the anger and hate that is the Dark Side of Chris Brown --@DepressedDarth

That awkward moment when you find out Rihanna & Ashton Kutcher are dating --@SoVeryAwkward

Rihanna & Ashton Kutcher are DATING?! OMG, MY LIFE IS totally unaffected and entirely the same as it was five minutes before I found out --@twirlandswirl

Rihanna & Ashton Kutcher heating up...Either this is going to be a fab episode of Punk'd...Or once again: #SheFoundLoveInAHopelessPlace --@Katie_Krause

If Rihanna & Ashton Kutcher are dating...He's probably punking her or they're both punking Chris Brown! Gotta be! --@RealChuckie

Rihanna & Chris Brown are dating. Does this mean Chris Brown gets to beat up Demi Moore? #CelebrityMath --@ChrisMillis