Rihanna flew the tattoo artists who designed her hand art to the Dominican Republic from New York, after being unhappy with how the original design came out. Earlier this month, the Barbadian stunner got a traditional Polynesian tattoo on her right hand filled with various ancient symbols.

The tattoo was a reminder of her tumultuous relationship with Chris Brown, according to the artists Inia Taylor and Tiki Taane. But Rihanna did not like the design once it healed. So she simply flew the artists 1,500 miles to cover it up.

“We designed something that plays over the knuckles and wrist, and just tried to incorporate it with what was done before,” McCurdy told the New York Post's Page Six about the updated look. We blended what used to be there into a more decorative pattern. We tried to make it look like jewelry, a bit like a henna tattoo.”

Originally, Rihanna got the hand tattoo with a chisel and mallet. Taylor explained the reason behind Rihanna getting the painful ink. He told Celebuzz Rihanna explained it was all a part of her healing process regarding her on-and-off relationship with Brown, and other memories she wanted to forget.

“I didn’t realize she had such a hard time. Apparently she had such an a**hole of a boyfriend she said. The tattoo is just a reminder of the things in the past. Lord knows, she overcame a lot of that s**t. It’s not about getting a tattoo, it’s a ceremony. Tattoos aren’t fashion. They are a way to get rid of pain in your life. You have to create pain to get over pain,” Taylor continued.

He went on to explain the symbols that Rihanna had inked on her hand. “The symbols involved are of dreams, hope, aspirations and navigation with Polynesian stars on her fingers.”

But now, Rihanna’s tattoo looks more like an eye-grabbing henna tattoo. She reportedly loves the new look, and showed it off during a performance in Dominican Republic as she continues her “Diamonds” world tour.