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Singer Rihanna performs during half-time of the NBA All-Star basketball game in Los Angeles February 20, 2011. Reuters

Rihanna is no stranger to controversy. She's had several videos that have created waves due to their lyrics or innuendos, though none have sparked as much criticism as her latest video 'Man Down,' which has created a tsunami of controversy.

After the Parents Television Council urged Viacom to stop airing the 'Man Down' video which aired on BET May 31, BET responded stating they will continue to air Rihanna's video.

During an interview with MTV, Terry O'Neill, national president of the National Organization for Women, states that Rihanna is most likely working through some of her personal issues through her art.

Stephanie Nilva, Executive Director of Day One, New York's leading teen relationship abuse-focused organization said, I respect the fact that Rihanna is trying to draw attention to these issues, but I don't think viewers are necessarily getting healthy messages from it.

Despite criticism from groups including the Industry Ears, whose co-founder Paul Porter said Rihanna's video was 'inexcusable,' fans, critics, and experts are backing the singer up.

Regardless of the recent controversy, Rihanna stands by her music. The singer tweeted earlier this week that it's '[her] freedom to make art.'

And this is not the first time that Rihanna has been singled out for making inappropriate music or videos. The singer has received a great deal of criticism over her recent video 'S&M,' which Rihanna says isn't about sex and S&M per se, but that it's a metaphor for other things in life. In-fact, Rihanna tells MTV that it's one of her favorite songs.

MTV reported via the Daily Mirror, that the video was banned in 11 countries, and BBC 1 Radio won't play the track before 7 p.m.

Watch the video S&M here (18 and over only).

Rihanna's video Rude Boy also raised some concerns with her lyrics 'come on rude boy can you get it up . . . is you big enough' and 'I like the way you pull my hair.'

The question remains: is Rihanna is expressing herself through art, or is she pushing the boundaries too far? You tell us.

Watch the video for 'Rude Boy' below.