Brian Griffin Family Guy In loving memory of Brian Griffin Photo: Fox/ IBTimes

Quahog, Rhode Island – Brian Griffin, the pet dog of the Griffin family, died on November 24, 2013, at the age of 8 after being struck by a vehicle in a hit-and-run accident outside 31 Spooner St.

Born on a farm in Austin, Texas, Brian was taken away from his mother, Biscuit, as a very young pup. Making his way to Rhode Island, Brian attended Brown University before being picked up as a stray by Peter Griffin.

Family and friends were Brian’s life. Growing up with the Griffins' youngest child, Stewie, Brian constantly worked to challenge and expand the mind of the young boy. It was while helping wean Stewie off electronics that Brian was playing outside and met his unfortunate fate.

While setting up a street hockey net in the middle of the road, Brian was run down by a rogue driver. Suffering from horrific injuries, Brian received another blow when a nearby squirrel came over to examine the scene and proceeded to spit on him and yell, “That guy sucked.”

The Griffins received the heartbreaking news at the veterinarian’s office when the doctor revealed that Brian’s injuries were just too severe for him to be saved. Fortunately Brian had enough fight left in him to say his goodbyes.

“You’ve given me a beautiful life,” He told them before flat lining. “I love you all.”

Brian’s funeral saw a large turnout on a dark, cloudy day, suitable for the immeasurable loss that Quahog residents felt.

“This is probably the worst pain I’ve ever had to go through,” Peter Griffin stated while paying his respects. “And I’ve sprained my ankle twice.”

“Brian wasn’t just my dog,” Peter continued. “He was my best friend in the whole world. He was smart and he was loyal, and what I’m trying to say is he was like a brother to me. I’m going to spend the rest of my life missing him.”

“We’re all going to miss him very much,” Peter’s wife, Lois, added.

Brian Griffin is survived by his owners Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris and Stewie Griffin. The Griffins welcomed a new dog to their family, Vinny, shortly after Brian’s passing.

If anyone has any information on the grey car involved in Brian’s hit-and-run, please contact Joe Swanson with the Quahog police.

Check out the NSFW photos from Brian's accident below.