Are the members of One Direction dead? Whoever started the Twitter trend #RIPOneDirection is trying to dampen the day of Directioners, but fans of the British boy band are turning around the meaning of the obvious hoax by saying RIP stands for “Really Inspiring People.”

One Direction Fans should not fret, as there are no news reports or any information from 1D’s handlers that Louis Tomilinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan are dead. But that hasn’t stopped #RIPOneDirection from trending on Twitter this week.

But 1D fans no better, and they’re not letting the hoaxers ruin their days had the members of One Direction did in fact die. Instead, Directioners are turning lemons into lemonade by coming up with a different meaning for “RIP.”

While some took the hoax in stride, other Directioners slammed whoever was behind the 1D death rumors.

The #RIPOneDirection hashtag did not fool any fans. The death rumors started after another hoax started on Twitter earlier this month. That hoax falsely claimed that 42 Larry Shippers committed suicide over the Channel 4 documentary “Crazy About One Direction.”

The Larry Shippers hoax appeared to be more convincing, as there were more Twitter users and 1D fans questioning whether the mass suicide was real or not. But like the #RIPOneDirection hoax, the Larry Shippers rumor, which also started on Twitter, turned out to be blatantly false.

The #RIPOneDirection hoax came as Directioners await the premiere of the British boy band's concert film, "One Direction: This Is Us." The movie opens in the U.K. on Wednesday while U.S. fans can see the film Friday.