Riverdale” Season 1 is pegged as a murder mystery that is inspired by the characters from the hit “Archie” comic books. However, this does not mean that the lead character will have anything to do with the crimes in The CW TV show.

While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Robert Aguirre-Sacasa explained that they intend to push boundaries with the TV show while still protecting the lead character.

“The show on some levels is a subversion of Archie and exists for the innocent wholesome aspect to come up against the more complex, darker and more grown up thing. We do push boundaries but we handle with care. No one loves these characters more than I do. And no one is more protective of these characters than I will be. So everything we do that feels a little taboo-breaking we vet and make sure that it is emotional, that it’s real, and that we embrace the consequences of whatever action is happening,” he said.

Aguirre-Sacasa also opened up about the love triangle that was featured in the comic books. Archie was always in between Betty and Veronica. The two female characters were madly in love with him, and they shared different moments with Archie. But in the TV series, Archie will only be in a relationship with one of them. This means that a love triangle will not be part of “Riverdale,” at least for the first few episodes.

“I say, ‘Never say never,’ but Archie’s got his hands full just dating one girl,” he said.

Meanwhile, the exec also explained why they decided to use Jughead (Cole Sprouse) as the entry point or narrator in the series. According to him, Jughead is the one and only character who sees everything that’s happening in Riverdale. “As the show progresses, he becomes more enmeshed into the characters’ lives though he is at a bit of a distance and he always undercuts if there’s a sentimentalist,” he said.

“Riverdale” Season 1 will premiere on The CW on Jan. 26 at 9 p.m. EST.