Rizzoli & Isles
Jane is shocked to learn that her best friend Maura has an ex-husband in "Rizzoli & Isles" Season 7, episode 10 "For Richer Or Poorer." Doug Hyun/TNT

TNT’s “Rizzoli & Isles” dropped a huge spoiler about Dr. Maura Isles’ life – She had a husband. Episode 10, titled “For Richer Or Poorer,” kicked off with Boston Homicide Detective Jane Rizzoli telling her best friend about her new job offer. The FBI Academy at Quantico had presented her a teaching position where she would train trainees to become agents.

As usual, Maura (Sasha Alexander) was very supportive of Jane’s (Angie Harmon) new venture. She told her that hanging her detective badge is a good idea since it means regular hours while still doing something worthwhile with her life. However, Jane wasn’t sure if she was ready about leaving her friends and family behind. Good thing then that the crime-fighting duo were given a new case to solve.

The case

A young man had been shot in the back and nothing was missing from his pockets. Then Jane and the police chanced upon a second victim who had been shot. Fortunately, he lived. Unfortunately, he was carrying a wedding of him and Maura shot in Las Vegas. Angie Harmon’s character is visibly shocked to learn that the man’s name is Edward Dunn and he is her ex-husband.

Sasha Alexander’s character explained to her best friend that she found Edward charming and he came from an influential family. However, their marriage was short-lived since it was clearly a mistake. They had gotten married very young and though eloping was a good idea. Once they sobered up and realized what they had done, the marriage was annulled.

The investigation

The investigation revealed that Edward had over the family business once he died. Jane and Korsak (Bruce McGill) started to see him as the prime suspect of this murder. The duo started to question him and develop theories. Maura’s former husband could be hiding something in his company’s finances or he could have been involved in something illegal in order to maintain funds in his company. He may have take down the victim – an accountant – since he came to know about his financial discrepancies.

The problem with these theories was that Edward never had a gun on him so he couldn’t be the murder.

Nevertheless, Harmon’s character was certain Maura’s former spouse was hiding something. She found out that he never really annulled his marriage with Maura! Which means, Alexander’s character is still married.

At this point in “Rizzoli & Isles” Season 7, Edward’s mother and Maura’s mother-in-law Tilly enters. Jane questions his overbearing mother and finds out that she dislikes Maura and thinks she is framing her family as payback.

Edward is unwilling to talk to detectives and Maura suspects it’s because of his difficult mother. She sneaks in the hospital where her ex-husband is located and enters in his room to talk about what happened. She wants the truth.

Apparently, Edward had noticed some problems in the company’s accounts and had hired the victim -- a whistleblower – to investigate it. They day they were supposed to meet he found him at the park and someone shot him. Fortunately, he had stashed documents of what he had found in his house.

Maura quickly goes to his home and tries to locate the documents. However, Tilly catches her in the act and points a gun at her. She thinks that whatever is in those documents, it will destroy their family’s reputation.

Clever Maura talks her down and the duo quickly realize that these documents point to the murder.

The murderer is …

Noah! A Dunn family friend, Noah was involved in a hedge fund that was actually a Ponzi scheme. Edward’s father found out and was killed by him. Jane and Korsak catch him trying to stop Maura.

Jane takes the new job

Meanwhile, Rizzoli tells Dr. Isles that she is going to take that job in Quantico and start her life anew.

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