After nine seasons of reality TV madness with his family, Rob Kardashian is reportedly moving far away from his extremely public life in Los Angeles.

The Miami Herald reports that the quietest member of the Kardashian family has moved across the country to Florida – a great distance away from his media-loving family. It isn’t known exactly where he has relocated in Florida, but Miami is currently his rumored location.

Though a break from the spotlight would be the most logical reason for his move, a new report in Star magazine says Kardashian may be relocating to be closer to a secret love child. A source speaking with the mag said Rob broke the news of the child while with friends during a recent gathering at his apartment. After friends noticed a teddy bear on his bed, the source says Rob informed them “it was a present for his son.”

A second source said Kardashian’s love child – who insiders say was the product of a fling he had with a Miami woman four years ago -- has been rumored among his family for years. But no one has ever confirmed the speculation or will speak about it.

According to Radar Online, this isn’t the first time Kardashian has faced these rumors. In May 2013, he deleted a Twitter post hinting that he might have a son. In 2009, he also had a playful Twitter exchange with Nicole Richie about a “son.” Obviously, talk of this secret Kardashian baby is likely all speculation. But his playing into the rumors on social media has left many curious about the possibility this rumored love child may be the real deal.