• A 35-year-old man had boiling water poured on his legs and arms while he was in prison awaiting sentencing for a robbery
  • He had five skin graft operations as a result of his injuries
  • He was remanded in custody for robbing a 79-year-old woman on Jan. 12 and leaving her with lifelong injuries

A 35-year-old man in England who was in jail for a robbery had boiling water poured over him while he was awaiting sentencing for his latest crime.

Dean Kenyon, of Parkside Crescent, Seaham, is now "in constant and searing pain" after he had boiling water poured on his legs and arms while he was in prison, Teesside Live reported. His injuries required five skin graft operations, his lawyer said.

The name of the person who poured boiling water on Kenyon and the motive behind the attack were not disclosed.

At the time of the incident, Kenyon, described in reports as a "prolific" robber who "targeted elderly and frail women," was remanded in custody for robbing a 79-year-old woman on Jan. 12 and leaving her with lifelong injuries.

The 35-year-old man grabbed his unidentified victim’s handbag, and this caused the elderly woman to fall backward and fracture her hip, a U.K. court heard.

In addition to this case, Kenyon robbed an arthritic woman as she was walking along Bowesfield Lane in Stockton back in October 2020. At the time, he approached the unidentified victim from behind before pushing her into the window of a barber's shop and taking her bag.

The bank cards of the woman were later recovered from Kenyon, but treasured photos of her parents were never found. The incident left the woman traumatized and too afraid to leave her home.

Kenyon was living in Stockton at the time and already had 13 previous convictions, mainly for acquisitive crime. He was jailed for three years and four weeks, the Mirror reported.

On Friday, he was sentenced for robbery at Durham Crown Court via video from the HMP Durham. He had pleaded guilty to the charge during a previous hearing.

According to defense attorney Chris Morrison, Kenyon carried out the robbery to acquire money to buy drugs. He added that the 35-year-old had been the victim of an attack while on remand.

"He had boiling water poured over his arms and legs, resulting in skin grafts to his arms and legs,” Morrison stated. "He has had five skin graft operations and his mobility is to be affected by these. He is currently heavily sedated and is in constant and searing pain."

Judge James Adkin sentenced Kenyon to six years in prison, with a three-year extended license.

Boiling Water
Boiling Water | Representational Image. Getty Images/ Vittorio Zunino Celotto