Robby Hayes has decided to break his silence and respond to ex Amanda Stanton’s cheating allegations. He even took to social media to call out Stanton, whom he claims turned into a total “stranger” when they sat next to each other during “Bachelor in Paradise’s” reunion special.

Following their reunion on Monday night, Hayes addressed his ex and the cheating accusations on Twitter in a lengthy post. “While I won’t be one to resort to vicious social media attacks, at the finale, I felt like I was sitting next to a stranger,” he started his rant, which he shared with his followers on Tuesday.

Hayes continued by calling out Stanton for putting up an “innocent persona” in front of the camera. The social media influence also brushed off the claims by stating that they were “blatantly untrue” and that they were clearly orchestrated by twins Emily and Haley Ferguson to attack him.

On the show, Emily did claim that Hayes cheated on Stanton when he went on a “business” trip to Colorado.

Unwilling to put up with Stanton’s antics anymore, he once again called out the latter when he wrote, “That’s not the behavior or accountability I expect from someone that ‘CLAIMS’ they care about me and was open to developing an ‘ACTUAL’ relationship.”

Upon learning about Hayes’ lengthy rant on social media, Stanton immediately responded by writing: “’A desperate need to present an innocent person.’ - the guy who denies cheating when there is photo proof #beamanalready.”

This led fans to compel Stanton to share the photo online, which she did using Taylor Swift’s smash hit “Look What You Made Me Do” line.

Stanton also went on to challenge Hayes by tweeting that she has more evidence, including videos, to prove her claim. Plus, she revealed that many girls have contacted her to share their stories involving her ex.

During the ABC reality series’ reunion special, Hayes also defended himself from Stanton when he told host Chris Harrison that the photos showing him and a mystery girl appear deceptive. He maintained that they were indeed close, but he was by no means unfaithful to his then-girlfriend, as per Us Weekly.

Late last week, Stanton confirmed the rumors that she had broken up with Hayes. At the time, she pointed out the differences she noticed between her and Hayes. She also alluded to her ex being unfaithful to her when she mentioned that she has seen “photos of him with another girl.”