Fans of “The Batman” have a lot to be excited about. Matt Reeves has finally released a video showing off Robert Pattinson in his very unique Batman suit. This homemade Batsuit for a rookie vigilante sports a stitched-together leather cowl, a collar reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes -- and the gun of his parent’s murderer bolted into his chest?

The internet blew up, as it does, upon seeing the new getup -- particularly when fans began breaking down what was going on with the Bat symbol on the chest. Typically, it’s a minimalist bat, printed on the front. There have been different variations in color and design but this time, it appears to symbolize a lot more.

The rough metal look has been speculated to be more than just an unfinished costume or style choice since the symbol bears a striking resemblance to a weapon. As The AV Club pointed out this is likely the gun of one Joe Chill, the man who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents when he was just a kid. Just as Batman wears the symbol of a bat -- the thing he’s most afraid of -- he also wears a gun on his chest, the thing he hates the most.

New Batman game rumored to be in development at WB Games Montreal. Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Fans have drawn comparisons from the Pattinson Batsuit to several possible inspirations: the Christian Bale Batsuit in “The Dark Knight,” the high-tech SWAT-like suit from the video game “Arkham Knight” and Marvel’s Netflix series “Daredevil.”

How he got his hands on the gun, we can only speculate until the movie comes out on June 25, 2021.