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A Roomba cleaning a floor that does not have poop on it. Nick Deel/International Business Times

An Arkansas man woke up to a horrible scene earlier this month and found that his robotic, automatic vacuum cleaner had managed to spread dog poop all throughout his house.

Writing in a Facebook post last week that has since gone viral, Jesse Newton described a morning when his child came to sleep in the bed with him and his wife as he notices that something stunk. Newton said he walked into his living room at some time after 3 a.m. and found that his Roomba, which is set to vacuum each night at 1:30 a.m., had run over dog poop his puppy had left behind. He called it the "Pooptastrophe."

Newton said he saw dog poop on “every conceivable surface” and the sight closely resembled a “Jackson Pollock poop painting.”

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He then got to work trying to clean up the poop from the floor, floorboards and carpets. There were some casualties: Newton wrote that he knew his efforts to clean up a rug his wife loved were futile but still he attempted to clean it because he knew she’d ask if he had tried. Newton’s Roomba didn’t make it either after he tried to wash it in the tub. Luckily, as he points out gratefully in his post, the store where he purchased his Roomba offered a lifetime warranty for any purpose and saved him from spending hundreds of dollars on a replacement device.

After it was all said and done, Newton had turned to an impressive number of different cleaning products and methods. He used a toothbrush to try and clean the Roomba mother board, he used a spray bottle with bleach water to try and clean the baseboards of his house and he used at least three or four paper towel rolls on the effort.

On the bright side, he did say that he managed to invent some profanity while he was cleaning up. Not just anyone gets that honor.