It was all a joke?

Actress Rose McGowan addressed the conservative tweets, where she claimed to be republican, on the Tuesday podcast episode of “Shut Up Evan” with Evan Ross Katz, People reports.

“It was a bet,” the 46-year-old revealed. “I couldn’t say that on Twitter.”

She went on to explain to Katz exactly how the whole idea came about.

“Now, the behind the scenes story is that I, why at this point in time in my life, I decided to do this and take this bet from a brother of mine who said, ‘I dare you to be a Republican for three months,’" she explained. “And I thought about it and he said, ‘I’ll bet you $200 that you can’t,’ and I said ‘I’ll bet you $200 that I can.’ Granted, late-night ideas aren’t always the best.”

In early January, the “Charmed” star had some fans in shock when she shared a tweet (now deleted) stating her affiliation with the republican party.

The #MeToo activist said part of the reason she took on the bet was to mess with some of her Republican critics.

McGowan said: “In my mind, at that time, I was like, ‘Oh, I’m just going to blow them. I’ll be like, I’m a Republican. What are you going to say to me now? Am I still snowflake? Am I still a libtard idiot?’ You know what I mean?”

All in all, she said that her three months as a conservative was an unusual experience.

“It is a really weird [expletive] thing to be a Republican for three months,” McGowan said. “It feels strange in your body. It feels very cellular.”

One thing that hasn’t changed is the star’s disdain for former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, whom she told Katz that she still “can’t stand.”

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FILE PHOTO: Rose McGowan addresses the audience during the opening session of the three-day Women's Convention at Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan, Oct. 27, 2017. REUTERS/Rebecca Cook/File Photo