• A royal author suggested that the survival of the British monarchy will likely be on the shoulders of Prince William and Kate Middleton
  • Tina Brown said there's "pessimism about" Prince Charles but a "tremendous amount of faith" in William and Kate
  • She said the royal family is "blessed" to have a couple who "seem to have accepted their duty and have been willing to serve"

Prince William and Kate Middleton will be the pillars of the British monarchy after Queen Elizabeth II, a royal biographer has suggested.

Author Tina Brown recently discussed her newly released book on the British royal family, "The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor," with Marie Claire.

During the interview, she was asked to weigh in on whether or not she believes the monarchy can survive after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's departure, Prince Andrew's scandal, Prince Philip's death, Queen Elizabeth II's health issues and Prince Harry and Prince William's rumored rift.

"This is a particularly rough time," Brown acknowledged, before adding: "I think it can survive because of the distinctive players that are following next."

The former Tatler magazine editor-in-chief said the survival of the British monarchy may fall on the shoulders of Prince William and Middleton because there's "pessimism about" Prince Charles but a "tremendous amount of faith" in the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

"[The royal family] are blessed with one pair of people that seem to have accepted their duty and have been willing to serve in the way that they have been trained to do," Brown said. "It's remarkable to see, really, and we’re lucky, so far, anyway, that William has never shirked his destiny. He's quite like the Queen temperamentally—a prudent, cautious guy, a sober guy, a decent guy."

She also noted how Duchess Kate has proven her critics wrong in the decade she's been a working royal.

"In Kate, the stunning thing about it was, people used to think Kate, who’s from a middle-class family, not an exalted pedigree in any way: is she going to be able to carry this out?" Brown said. "It seems like now, everybody on Earth wonders what they would do without her. She is extraordinary."

The "Diana Chronicles" author added that not many modern young women could wait for 10 years like Middleton did before she married Prince William.

Brown described Middleton as "very unusual" and said the duchess was "willing to wait for William and sort of built her life around him without being a doormat."

It required "a lot of care and strategy to end up married to William," Brown told Page Six of the duchess, who was dubbed "Waity Katie" by the media due to how long it took before she was engaged to the duke.

She likened Middleton's journey from being Prince William's girlfriend to his wife and the future queen consort to surviving an "obstacle course."

Brown also praised Prince William for being "prudent" and taking his time before deciding that Middleton was the one. The author said she believes the prince made sure to prepare Duchess Kate for the life that awaited her before he officially made her a member of the firm.

The "Remembering Diana: A Life in Photographs" author told Marie Claire that she believes Markle could have made it work within the royal family had she used Middleton's approach to royal duties — to take things "much, much slower" than she actually did.

"But Meghan really did want to come out with guns blazing as the new global royal. And I think she needed to absorb more of the culture of the Palace and understand the minefields there," Brown claimed.

Prince Harry and Markle stepped back as working royals and moved to California in 2020. They made their move permanent last year, resulting in the Queen stripping them of their royal patronages and military appointments.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 28: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Michael G Wilson, and Barbara Broccoli at the World Premiere of "NO TIME TO DIE" at the Royal Albert Hall on September 28, 2021 in London, England. Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, and Universal Pictures