A public relations expert recently encouraged the royal family and Meghan Markle’s team to protect the Duchess of Sussex against mom-shaming.

While speaking with Express, PR and marketing manager Tom Bourlet said that Markle has been experiencing the worst attacks ever since she joined the royal family. And things only got worse for Prince Harry’s wife after she gave birth to her son, Archie.

Meghan has been at the end of some incredibly unfair ‘mom-shaming’ by certain sections of the media, from holding the baby wrong to not always showing enough attention to her child in front of the media. There certainly seems to be an agenda against her within a group on social media, especially on Twitter, with her every action ridiculed, almost pointing towards a break from tradition,” he said.

Bourlet went on to say that it is about time for Markle’s team and the royal family to help remove the Duchess of Sussex from the difficult position. The expert suggested for the royal family and Markle’s team to create a PR campaign that will improve her motherly image.

“While there might be a nanny in place, as often is the case with royalty, it might be worth her looking after her child when in public, so as to show a motherly image. There can certainly be an improved strategy on demonstrating her great skills as a mother in a careful and delicate way so that they aren’t simply using Archie like a PR too,” he said.

Bourlet also encourages Markle to try and show the public that she is a good mother even though it seems sexist and ridiculous that she has to do this to make royal fans happy. But the expert said this may be one of the ways for her to no longer be criticized.

He also said that orchestrating a photo of Markle playing with her son at the playground or feeding him and then sending it to the press may do wonders for the royal’s image.