Prince Harry, Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle love each other deeply, says royal photographer. Pictured: Prince Harry, Markle during a visit to Catalyst Inc science park in Belfast where they met some of Northern Ireland's brightest young entrepreneurs on Mar. 23, 2018 in Belfast, Nothern Ireland. Niall Carson - Pool/Getty Images

Tim Rooke, a royal photographer, recently dished on what it’s like meeting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Rooke praised Markle for blending well with the royal family. “I think she’s done very well. It must be very strange to go from being an actress to becoming a member of the royal family. I’m sure people still want to meet her as an actress, but as a member of the royal family, she has to do things in a certain way,” he said.

One of the biggest changes in Markle’s life is the fact that she is now surrounded by security. But Rooke believes that the former “Suits” star has adjusted really well to her new life.

Rooke, who has been following the royal couple ever since they announced their official engagement, also said that Markle and Prince Harry are very much in love.

“She does look at Harry quite lovingly. They just look good as a couple together. They’re always holding hands and looking at each other,” he said.

The royal photographer added that Prince Harry is probably grateful to have Markle by his side especially during his official engagements.

“When I photograph him, he’s always great with the crowd, great with the kids. I suppose it takes a bit of pressure off him to have someone else there with him. He’s always very cheery… I mean, she’s gorgeous, isn’t she? And I’d be happier if I was getting married, as well!” he said.

Meanwhile, Rooke was able to take Prince Harry and Markle’s engagement photo calls, and he did a similar thing for Prince William and Kate Middleton. However, the photographer admitted that he prefers taking snaps of Prince Harry and Markle.

“For William and Kate’s photo call, I was inside the palace. It was a bit more formal. Harry and Meghan’s photo call was on the grounds of the palace gardens, and that allowed the palace to invite a lot more photographers. In a way, I preferred Harry and Meghan’s photo call because it was outside in natural light and not using strobes,” he explained.