The Royals Season 2
The cast of "The Royals," (from left to right) William Moseley, Sophie Colquhoun, Jake Maskall, Elizabeth Hurley, Merritt Patterson, Alexandra Park and Tom Austen, at the show's New York premiere, March 9, 2015. Season 2 premiered on Nov. 11. Getty Images

In this week’s episode of “The Royals” Season 2, director James Lafferty was not joking when he said that there will be many revelations. Episode 7 finally reveals Queen Helena’s (Elizabeth Hurley) backstory with Captain Alistair Lacey (Noah Huntley) and King Simon (Vincent Regan). At the same time, the true meaning of Domino also becomes clear.

After her emotional confrontation with Alistair in last week’s episode, Queen Helena decides to spend some time with her daughter, Eleanor (Alexandra Park). She missed Eleanor and Liam’s birthday party, and she’s determined to follow Alistair’s advice to reconnect with them before it’s too late. She takes the Princess out to ride horses, and tells her how she once fell in love with Alistair, who was a farmhand at her family’s estate.

She says that she was so much in love that she would have eloped with only a pebble on her engagement ring. Eleanor is stunned by the story, and the personality that she never knew her mother had. The Queen then tells her that she had her heart set on marrying Alistair, until King Simon came into the picture. He was seeking his future Queen, and Helena’s mother forced her to marry Simon, to save their family from financial ruin.

After their bonding session, Helena returns to the palace and corners Jasper (Tom Austen). She tells Eleanor’s former bodyguard and lover to try to win her back once again. Helena recognizes that Eleanor has true feelings for Jasper, and she’s trying to help her daughter make the decision she was not strong enough to make when she was younger.

Speaking of the circumstances behind her rise to the throne, her mother, the Grand Duchess Alexandra (Joan Collins) is determined to keep the crown on her daughter’s head. She warns Helena about King Cyrus’ (Jake Maskall) plan to marry his chambermaid, Violet. She knows that if Cyrus gets married, then Violet will become the reigning monarch when he dies, not Helena.

The Grand Duchess also goes out of her way to speak to Cyrus directly. She tells the King to stop his crazy affair with his maid and think about the monarchy and the respect of the people. Cyrus, as expected, doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He insists on what he wants and immediately proceeds to tell Violet how much he loves her.

Elsewhere, Prince Liam (William Moseley) and Ted Pryce (Oliver Milburn) are making some progress with Domino. After tracking down the mysterious waitress that he saw at his birthday party, Liam is instructed to look up the name Dominique Stewart. He looks up Truman, one of his father’s old friends, hoping he has some answers.

Truman tells Liam that Dominique is Simon’s one true love. Unfortunately, she was killed in a freak horseriding incident. Coincidentally, that particular event was hosted by Queen Helena’s family. Liam returns home with the heavy suspicion that Helena had something to do with Dominique’s death.

Meanwhile, Ted is also following his own leads. A cryptic letter that was sent to him, leads him face-to-face once again with the man who accused him of killing King Simon. The mysterious man reveals his identity as Dominique’s younger brother. He also tells Ted that Domino was the nickname he called her, when she was still alive.

He tells Ted about his plans to avenge his sister, but he still insists that the deaths of Prince Robert and King Simon are not his doing. Ted is confused but he neither confirms or denies having anything to do with Simon’s death. However, he questions why Domino's brother has surfaced now, after so many years. The man admits that the murders of the members of the Royal Family has led him to believe that he has allies inside the palace, and this has revived his plan for vengeance. He seems convinced that this ally is Ted Pryce. He sees a motive for Ted, whose wife was killed in connection to his duties with the Royal Family.

More questions have popped up almost as quickly as they were answered. Did Queen Helena have anything to do with Dominique’s death? Did Ted Pryce really kill King Simon? Lastly, what is Domino’s brother's plan, and how will it affect the remaining members of the Royal Family?

“The Royals” returns next Sunday at 10:00 p.m. ET on E!