This Sunday on “The Royals” Season 2, the monarchy will face a great betrayal. Did Ted Pryce really kill King Simon? Or, has Jasper Frost’s betrayal gone much further than trying to steal the crown jewels? Episode 9 is sure to reveal more explosive secrets. [Warning: Spoiler Alert]

In the trailer for “The Royals” Season 2, Episode 9, security chief Ted Pryce (Oliver Milburne), could be seen confronting Jasper (TOm Austen). “Whatever it is you’re doing, stop. Now,” says Ted. Jasper asks if there is anything he should know, but Ted insists that the King’s murderer is in prison. He is referring to Lucius, Queen Helena’s (Elizabeth Hurley) former bodyguard, who was forced to confess to the King’s murder. He did it to atone to his sins against his beloved Queen. Unfortunately, everyone  in the family knows that Lucius didn’t really do it.

At this point, it is still unconfirmed, if Ted really stabbed the King. So far, he has been accused of doing it, by Domino’s mysterious brother, but he never confirmed. His dead wife, who appears in his hallucinations, also said the same thing, but it is obviously unwise to think that a figment of one’s imagination could be trusted to know the truth.

With Ted asking him to stop, Jasper continues his investigation, and tells Liam. When the Prince finds out what Jasper has dug up, he decides to tell Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park). However, due to obvious reasons, Eleanor does not trust any information that comes from Jasper. It appears that she will tell Liam what Jasper and Mandy did to her on their birthday party. It is clear that Liam has found out about Jasper’s real identity, when he is seen in the video, greeting the bodyguard with a fist to the face.

Who can really be trusted? Is the monarchy really built on the blood of murdered individuals? Catch the scandal, violence and drama, this Sunday. “The Royals” airs at 10:00 p.m. ET on E!.

Watch the trailer below: