• Aside from the console itself, PS5 titles could also be delayed or limited
  • Sony "publicly warned that the COVID-19 pandemic may affect" game production
  • The coronavirus pandemic has forced game developers to adopt a work-from-home setup, thereby affecting the development

PlayStation 5 is facing a problematic release this holiday 2020, both on the hardware and software front.

As reported previously, Sony’s next generation console is expected to be released in limited quantities due to pricing issues and the lack of promotion caused by the coronavirus pandemic. However, one thing that has gone largely unnoticed is the fact that game production for PS5 will also be affected.

According to Bloomberg, Sony has “publicly warned that the COVID-19 pandemic may affect the game production pipeline for titles”. This means that PS5 games could be few and limited, at least in the first year of the console’s release.

Of course, that is also a problem for Sony, as it would certainly affect the demand for their console. They could choose to delay the release of their console, but that won’t be an option for them unless Microsoft decides to postpone the launch of their own next gen console, the Xbox Series X.

However, the delay in the development of games has already been expected, not only for PS5 but also for other gaming consoles.

The coronavirus-forced quarantine may have led to a boom in gaming, but that doesn’t mean the industry hasn’t been affected by the dreaded virus. Developers and publishers have been forced to shift to work-from-home setups in line with government-imposed lockdowns and self-isolations, thereby affecting the development and production of games.

In fact, there are already several games that have been delayed or affected in one way or another by the virus. Amazon’s upcoming MMO titled “New World”, which was slated for a May 2020 release, has been delayed until August because of the health crisis.

“The Last of Us Part 2”, a PlayStation 4-exclusive title, has also been postponed indefinitely. It was supposed to be released this May as well.

Moreover, the release for “Wastelander 3” has also been moved to August from its May launch.

On the other hand, “Rainbow Six Siege” previously warned that updates, patches and fixes on the game could be limited or delayed. The “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” -- which was released last April 10 -- also allowed customers to pre-load the game early because of the situation.

It is still unclear when the coronavirus crisis will be resolved. With that said, fans should not expect to see popular titles going to PS5 when it is released.

Sony PlayStation won't attend E3 2019 Christian Petersen/Getty Images