Call it bizarre or shocking.... But this has definitely brought up a lot of questions all over again in the Russell Armstrong suicide.

Just a day after Russell Armstrong committed suicide, his friend and business associate, Alan Schram, who was the managing partner at an LA-based hedge fund also took his own life.

He was found dead outside his car on Mulholland Drive, having shot himself in the head, reported

Though there are no linkages made so far between Russell's and Schram's death, the report said that apparently both men were working for an exclusive organization which trades information for affluent people about investments called Tiger 21.

The news could have broken out during Russell Armstrong's funeral services when the castmembers of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were overheard talking about Alan Scharm's suicide.

None of the two men are reported to have left any suicide note and the financial state of Schram remains unclear at the moment.

More facts and details are yet to come out on the tragic incident.