Russian beachgoers were greeted with a big surprise when a military hovercraft suddenly splashed ashore.

As UPI notes, sunbathers relaxing in Mechnikovi, Kaliningrad, were stunned when a Zubr-class hovercraft docked at their local beach. In a video which has gone viral online, curious onlookers can be viewed watching the scene in amazement.

According to NPR, Russian officials were quick to issue a statement claiming the docking was routine and that nobody should have been on that beach.

"Docking at the beach is a regular practice, what we don't know is what people were doing at the beach, which is within the military firing range," Andrey Bespaly of the Baltic Fleet Western military district told Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda.

"After the drill was over, the cordon was removed and the ship sailed back to its base," Bespaly said.

UPI notes that the base is actually several kilometers away from where the Russian military hovercraft landed.

A Zubr-class vessel is the world’s largest military hovercraft, weighing 555 tons and measuring roughly 187 feet in length. It can carry up to 500 troops, as well as tanks and other armored vehicles. The hovercraft is equipped with missile launchers, gun mounts and mines. It was designed to land military forces in hostile territory.

Watch the video of the hovercraft landing ashore below: