Maybe it's not the first comparison you'd make. But when I heard that Jackass superstar Ryan Dunn died in a car crash, I immediately thought of Algerian-born French philosopher and novelist Albert Camus.

Allow me to present you with the facts:

1. VIRTUALLY SEPARATED AT BIRTH: Dunn was born in Medina, Ohio. Medina means city in Arabic. Albert Camus was born in the predominantly Arab city of Oran in Algeria, during the French occupation of that country.

2. EXISTENTIALISTS: Albert Camus was the existentialist, and at one point in his life, was friends with founder of existentialism, Jean-Paul Sartre. In one Jackass skit, Ryan Dunn covered a toy car in a condom and placed that in his back side. Then he went to a hospital to complain of rectal pain, shocking his physician. Much as existentialism preaches that one shouldn't be trapped in the inauthentic confines of politeness and etiquette in society, Dunn didn't care to shock that doctor with his antics. He was truly authentic.

3. SIMILAR ENDS: Both died young in car crashes.