Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling has been named a lead contender for an upcoming Salinger feature film. REUTERS

The day before Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling’s latest movie “Gangster Squads” premiered in theaters Friday, the Canadian celebrity appeared on ABC's “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

While talking to the debonair actor, who showed up on the late-night show wearing a black suit with a vest and skinny tie, Kimmel unearthed a 5- or 6-year-old story that one of his friends had told him about Gosling.

Apparently, Kimmel’s friend randomly received Girl Scout cookies from Gosling while driving onto a highway in California.

At first, it looked as if the account was bogus, but soon Gosling began to explain why he was giving away the famous cookies on the side of the road.

When Gosling was younger, his father brought home loads of cellophane and requested that Gosling help him get rid of it by selling the product at school.

Unsurprisingly, the actor was unable to successfully get rid of the plastic wrap --despite fantasizing about someone who would buy the entire plastic lot from him.

So when Gosling came across some Girl Scouts selling cookies outside a grocery store, he couldn’t help but buy every single box of cookies they had.

The actor told Kimmel on Thursday night’s show: “I was like, ‘I’ll take ‘em all!’ I bought hundreds and hundreds of boxes. I didn’t realize how many boxes I was going to have. I had a car full of them, and I didn’t know what to do, so I started throwing them out the window to people on the street.”

Even though Gosling had the best intentions, he realized he might have looked strange to others: “At the time I thought, ‘This must be what Santa Claus feels like!’ ... And then I looked at this one person who was looking at me, and I realized, through their eyes, I was not Santa Claus -- I was just a creepy cookie guy. ‘What happened to the Girl Scouts? What happened to their cookies?’”

Gosling appeared embarrassed that he had bought the cookies and shook his head, seemingly wishing he had never done so.