Christmas has come early for Ryan Gosling admirers. According to multiple reports, the actor’s “twin” has been found in Australia.

Meet Grant Hazell, a 35-year-old professional Ryan Gosling look-alike. After years of being mistaken for the Oscar-nominated actor, Hazell decided to pose as the star, People magazine’s 2013 “most wanted man,” for a living. According to a report from People, Hazell, a 35-year-old married father of two, decided to quit his career as a police officer in his home of Perth, Western Australia, in May, to work exclusively as a professional Ryan Gosling look-alike.

According to the magazine, Hazell’s wife, Caroline, prompted the former officer to pursue the unique career path by signing with three modeling agencies earlier this year. While the U.K. native currently rakes in an estimated $320 per night to portray the star at hired gigs, Hazell was reportedly originally uninterested in playing the actor. "He refused to watch his films and was embarrassed that I suggested he looked like him. But I loved the fact that he was the spitting image of Gosling," Hazell's wife told The Sun.

While Gosling has yet to comment on his Australian-based twin, Hazell admitted that he is now honored to portray the Canadian native. "He's a cool guy and a great actor," Hazell told The Sun, adding, "It's not a bad thing to look like one of Hollywood's most wanted men."

The last Ryan Gosling look-alike to make headlines was Doug, a Detroit-based tax accountant, who teamed up with “Mojo in the Morning” show to trick native Michiganders into thinking he was the star while Gosling was in town filming his latest project. The clip “Lyin Gosling Not Ryan Gosling Street Prank,” which went viral, garnering more than 1 million views following its upload in June, portrayed the accountant as the actor by dressing him in the film star's signature hoodie and sunglasses.

The real Ryan Gosling can be seen next in the musical drama, "Untitled Terrence Malick Project," alongside Oscar-winner Natalie Portman. The film is currently scheduled for a Sept. 4, 2014, release in the Netherlands.