Here's 'S--t New Yorkers Say,' the latest parody of viral video series 'S--t Girls Say.' And it's a good parody. Pictured: co-creator and co-star Eliot Glazer having a bagel moment. (PHOTO: Screen Capture / YouTube)

Just when you thought the parodies were over, another one has popped up on the viral video scene.

In S--t New Yorkers Say, comedians Eliot Glazer and his sister Ilana present a string of well, things New Yorkers often say.

There are complaints and musings about tourists, restaurants, umbrellas, celebrity sightings, bagels and other New York topics.

Since Wednesday's upload, the video has received more than 175,000 views on YouTube.

By no means do I expect you to watch another S--t ___ Says video. Unless you want to, in which case, very cool and thanks, Glazer, a blogger, wrote on his Web site.

S--t New Yorkers Say is just the latest parody that has gained considerably more attention than the video and Twitter account that started it all: S--t Girls Say.

What was expected to be a weekly Web series has not surfaced with a new episode for more than three weeks. S--t Girls Say has also declined in views with each new episode (episode 1 received more than 11 million; episode 2 with more than 6 million; episode 3 with more than 2 million).

Since its explosion on Twitter and YouTube in December, the original S--t Girls Say has been replaced with parodies that have just been as popular (if not more so): vegans, yogis, Asian girls, single girls and even bartenders (mixologists) have given their two cents on what they say in these videos.

S--t New Yorkers say has already created a strong conversation on Twitter.

I am guilty of 99% of this, wrote one user.

Made me laugh too! wrote Pat Kiernan, the NY 1 anchor mentioned several times in the video.

Here's a brief run down on some of the topics covered in the nearly 3-minute video:

Trains Restaurant Tourists Taxis refusing to go to Brooklyn The New Yorker, Yelp, the NY Times, Time Out NY, Gothamist, NY Magazine, Gawker The NY Post Umbrellas Bagels Apartment sizes NY1 (Pat Kiernan) 9/11 Sarah Jessica Parker Mario Batali Sample sales Beacon's closet Brooklyn (I really don't leave Brooklyn on the weekends, I don't do Brooklyn) Queens (I know Astoria -- the beer garden) Law & Order Maple syrup smell Zabar's Pizza, tacos Schmucks Having dogs in the city