The Salahi divorce is heating up. Reuters

The increasingly ugly divorce between White House party crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi continues to grab headlines, despite audience fatigue with the publicity-seeking reality TV personalities.

Until recently, the jilted Mr. Salahi had been the more vocal of the pair, but former Real Housewife Michaele Salahi broke her silence in an interview for a Daily Beast article that aims to settle the score on the bizarre marital fallout.

Daily Beast reporter Diane Dimond noted that Tareq declined to comment for the article, though she said he was the likely suspect for the leaked (or sold) information on the divorce, which included the couple's prenup and divorce filing papers.

Sources recently told The Huffington Post that Tareq was eager to make money off of his post-split ventures.

When they were together, Michaele was not allowed to handle any of her own business dealings, a source told The Huffington Post. Tareq would do anything for money, and now that Michaele is gone, he lost his paycheck and is desperate. Tareq put his own divorce documents in the press just so he could comment for money.

Tareq denied making money off of his divorce.

I don't know how anyone can profit from a divorce, he told HufffPo. Michaele destroyed us, and the truth is she is selling interviews which, in fact, will be proved [sic] once all the emails and texts are subpoenaed. I can't wait for the jury trial and to close this painful chapter in my life.

Readers seem less than thrilled with the press the Salahis have been receiving, but we know this because said readers are taking the time to read and comment on stories they claim shouldn't exist in the first place.

Why are you giving this woman press? one reader wrote on The Daily Beast's Web site. It's like intentionally spreading polio.

Another reader wrote the following on HuffPo's Web site: This is one type of thing I could support censorship on....I mean, who really cares?

And yet another chose to see the silver lining: Glad they didn't breed.