Darius crashes a meeting between President Bennett and his generals in a sneak peek from the Season 1 finale of “Salvation.”

The video clip reveals that the USS Pike has been hacked, and President Bennett (Sasha Roiz) is convinced that Russia was behind it. Darius (Santiago Cabrera), however, begs to disagree.

“First rule of war: Know thy enemy. And in this case, the enemy is not Russia. It’s RE/SYST,” Darius says as he enters the meeting room.

The president is shocked by Darius arrival, prompting Claire (Erica Luttrell) to remind the tech billionaire that he has no permission to be there.

But before the president can send Darius away, Grace (Jennifer Finnigan) says that she brought Darius to the meeting for a reason. Darius then walks to the president and hands him a tablet. “If you’ll have your technicians review these computer logs, they’ll see that  RE/SYST use my supercomputer to hack into the Pike. Russia had nothing to do with it,” Darius says.

When the president says that his generals told him that the hack was a work of a torpedo launch by a Russian submarine, Darius claims that the president’s generals are wrong.

The president then asks Darius if his supercomputer can regain control of the gravity tractor. When Darius reveals that he had shut it down to avoid further catastrophe, Claire shames Darius, saying “Once again, your recklessness has compromised all of us.”

Grace immediately hits back at Claire, saying that it’s actually her recklessness that has compromised all of them. “Darius has a solution to save us all,” the Pentagon press secretary tells Claire. “He built an EmDrive. He got the gravity tractor up there, and then you want to use it to smash the asteroid into pieces and destroy the Eastern hemisphere. That strategy is not only immoral, it’s nonsense. The iron core of the asteroid will destroy our gravity tractor and along with any chance of our survival. This administration’s refusal to embrace scientific facts is literally the difference between life and death.”

The sneak peek ends with Grace asking the president to let her and Darius prove to him that RE/SYST was behind this attack before he launches a missile to Russia that he can never take back.

In Season 1, episode 12, Darius’ supercomputer, aka Tess, was attacked, and it didn’t take long before Darius and Liam (Charlie Rowe) figured out that the attack was made by the hacker group RE/SYST. “When they helped us create that blackout in Russia, they must have slipped in a ghost key,” Liam said in the episode.

“[That] means they’ve been in our system since we launched the gravity tractor, monitoring our every move [and] waiting  for an opportunity to attack,” Darius added.

Elsewhere in Season 1, episode 13 according to the synopsis for the episode, Darius makes final plans for the ark. Will he finally find out that he didn’t pass the genetic testing and the psych profile analysis required to board Salvation?

“Salvation” Season 1 finale, titled “The Plot Against America,” airs on Wednesday, Sept. 20 at 10 p.m. EDT on CBS.