Jennifer Finnigan as Grace, Santiago Cabrera as Darius, Charlie Rowe as Liam
“Salvation” star Jennifer Finnigan revealed that her character Grace will have to break Pentagon protocol in order to put Darius’ (Santiago Cabrera) save-the-world plan in motion. CBS

“Salvation” star Jennifer Finnigan teased what fans can expect from her character, Grace Barrows, in this week’s Season 1, episode 2 of the new CBS series.

In a recent interview with CBS New York, Finnigan revealed that Grace, the Pentagon Press Secretary, will have to break some rules at work in order to put Darius Tanz’s (Santiago Cabrera) save-the-world plan in motion.

“Episode 2 is one of my favorite episodes of the season. In some ways, I like it better than the pilot,” the 37-year-old actress said. “In the pilot we had to set up the story so a lot of the pilot is plot-driven. For [episode 2], we start to see some character development. Grace is pushed to her limit in every way and she really comes through.”

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Finnigan said that Grace always has high regards for policies but that’s about to change in episode 2. “She’s always been a rule follower and Harris [Edwards] (Ian Anthony Dale) also works for the government and so they’ve always been connected in the sense of, ‘OK follow the rules,’ and they are by the book in terms of their job. But there is something about Darius that breaks the mold and that pushes her,” Finnigan said. “It’s a very interesting relationship that they have. In this particular episode we see it develop and I loved seeing Grace pushed beyond her limitations. I think the audience will love it too.”

In a sneak peek from episode 2, Darius asks Grace to get him the additional nuclear materials he needs to build the piece of technology that will divert the asteroid on collision course with Earth. Apparently, what Darius wants is impossible without breaking Pentagon protocol.

“No one is going to approve the transport of radioactive bomb-making materials to you without asking questions that we can’t answer,” Grace tells Darius in the clip.

“We both know that [Deputy Secretary of Defense] Harris [Edwards] is one of the … people with access codes that will allow the transport of nuclear materials,” Darius replies.

When Grace says that Harris — who also happens to be her secret lover — will never agree with Darius’ plan, Grace realizes that Darius actually wants her to go behind Harris’ back.

“So you want me to … betray my boss? It’s treason,” Grace argues.

“This is where rubber meets road, Grace. You want to help me save the human race or don’t you?” Darius asks Grace before walking away.

While Grace is clearly having some second thoughts on whether or not she’ll betray Harris, the synopsis for episode 2 states that Grace ultimately risks everything to help Darius.

“Salvation” Season 1, episode 2, titled “Another Trip Around the Sun,” airs on Wednesday, July 19 at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS. Watch the sneak peek below: