Samsung made a major announcement regarding the company’s first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, saying it might cancel pre-orders by the end of May if it is unable to fix the anticipated device’s problems.

Previous reports from various media outlets said the Galaxy Fold smartphone doesn’t last long. Samsung sent several units to different media outlets in an attempt to get reviews about the said device, but the company’s efforts to make a good first impression failed as several units became unusable within the first two days of use.

One certain reviewer in particular noted how the Galaxy Fold suddenly had a bulge appear from out of nowhere, and that the bulge would later render the screen inoperable. Other reviewers said the left side of the inner, bigger display would keep flickering and would become unusable.

While some have blamed this problem to the removal of a protective layer that wasn’t meant to be removed, it’s a fact that some Galaxy Fold devices became inoperable even without the protective layer peeled off. It simple shows that the problem wasn’t caused by peeling that sheet off.

In response to the said problems, Samsung said it will personally look into the device. Samsung ran tests to determine the cause and extent of the Galaxy Fold’s problems, and eventually said it is delaying the release of the device as it has to run more tests to arrive at more accurate findings.

Samsung even reached out to those who pre-ordered the $1,980 foldable smartphone and assured them of their place in the queue once the device is released to the market. The company also promised to give “more specific shipping information” within two weeks after it decided to delay the device’s release.

Now, those two weeks are up and Samsung has finally announced that they are delaying the release of the foldable smartphone until they find a way to solve its problems.

According to a report from Reuters, Samsung emailed its pre-order customers to inform them that it doesn’t have a confirmed shipping date for the smartphone. What’s more, the company said it will automatically cancel pre-orders if customers don’t contact the company, and the company is unable to send the device by May 31.