Samsung Electronics Co,, Ltd. claims it has made the first double-sided, mobile LCD panel that can show independent images on each side.

The new display is able to show either a set of the same images or two entirely different pictures on the front and back of the same screen, the company said Thursday. Traditional double-sided LCD's are limited to display mirrored images, the firm said.

Our new double-sided mobile display underscores Samsung's commitment to equip our customers with advanced display technology that accelerates the trend toward slimmer mobile products, said Yun Jin-hyuk, an executive vice president for Samsung. He added that the LCD will go into mass production in the first half of the year.

The company said the new LCD will replace two displays with one, reducing the overall thickness of mobile products by at least 1mm.

It will be exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show, which opens in Las Vegas on January 8.