Is Samsung Electronics preparing to take on Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime and other similar communication apps? Based on a new patent, the South Korean giant could be doing so and it may have started working on the app five years ago. 

Patently Apple reported Monday that Samsung has been granted a new patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The patent reveals that since 2013 the Galaxy S9 maker has been working on a communication app that could go head to head with the likes of Microsoft’s Skype, Google’s Hangouts and Apple’s FaceTime apps. 

Now in order for Samsung’s communication app to attract consumers and to set it apart from its rivals, the South Korean company is bringing in 3D face camera support. Such support would allow the app to enable communication that’s made between advanced 3D avatars. 

Patently Apple believes that the AR Emoji feature that launched alongside the Galaxy S9 could just be the appetizer for this upcoming video communications app. And if the mention of 3D face camera is any indication, then it’s highly likely for the app to launch soon considering that such a technology is now available on the market with the release of Apple’s iPhone X

The use of 3D avatars in the app could reduce its appeal however, since not everyone is keen on communicating with their family and friends using a 3D avatar. Teens could be the main target of the communication app, since they are the typical users of communication tools that are not really intended for a formal setting. 

Knowing that Samsung has partnered with Disney to bring Disney characters to AR Emoji, it’s not that hard to imagine for the upcoming app to also feature the same characters. It’s possible that Samsung could start with cartoon character avatars before bringing more complex 3D face advancements to the app. 

Aside from detailing Samsung’s upcoming communication app, the patent could have already leaked some of the new features of an upcoming flagship that could either be the Galaxy Note 9 or the Galaxy S10. The patent apparently mentions biometric sensors including heart rate sensors, a galvanic skin sensor, a pupil dilation sensor, an EKG sensor and many other biometric sensors that perceive the emotional state of users. 

More specific details about Samsung’s new communication app are expected to surface in the near future. For now, it’s worth noting that the app is being developed for various operating systems, like Android, BlackBerry, Windows and iOS.