• Samsung is working on a 600MP smartphone camera, a known leaker says
  • This was revealed in an alleged slideshow presented to investors
  • The camera will be the biggest yet for a mobile phone

Samsung is reportedly planning to create a smartphone camera with the highest pixels yet – a whopping 600MP, a leaker says.

While other smartphone companies are busy working on new charging technologies and interesting but quirky form factors, the South Korean tech giant has set its sights on mobile phone camera technologies that are unheard of.

Known tipster Ice Universe recently tweeted, “Samsung is really doing 600MP sensors!”

While the exact release date, or even just a release window, remains unclear at the moment, it appears that the new camera is already in the pipeline.

Ice Universe shared an image of what appears to be a slide from a presentation that Samsung showed to its investors. The particular slide, which has “More Pixel, More Camera” written at the bottom, contains several illustrations revealing the camera module’s size if it does get equipped with the said tech.

Per the illustration, the new camera module will be about 22 millimeters thick, dwarfing even the largest camera module in a smartphone to date, including Samsung’s own Galaxy Note 20 series. This might make it difficult to place the smartphone in just any pocket, bag or purse. It’s like putting a small DSLR camera in one’s jeans pocket.

Furthermore, the image shows that the new camera will occupy approximately 12% of the smartphone’s back area. This would make it significantly bigger than the largest camera module currently found in smartphones.

While the new camera’s size might not sound ideal for a smartphone (even a foldable, for that matter), it might have enough power to allow users to capture photos and videos in 4K or 8K resolution without any losses in quality, even as the user zooms in from a distance. This technology, if it ever arrives, will be perfect for wildlife enthusiasts who need to take shots of animals from a distance.

This new camera would also outperform Samsung’s current largest mobile camera, the 108MP camera in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

That said, despite the document providing enough evidence that Samsung is working on such a technology, fans are advised to wait for the South Korean tech company to officially announce details.